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The Gates of Morning Where the Sun began its Long journey, before the Change of the World

J.R.R. Tolkien's
The Silmarillion
The Story of time from the Music of the Ainur to the End of the First Age of Middle Earth
A book That I would compare to the Bible, and my personal favorite book, one that i'm constantly reading. An example of the scale of this book is the name of the first chapter, named "Of the Beginning of Days". and Even before this is a short story called
"Ainulindale", the story of the creation of the Universe by Eru "The one" and the Angelic beings called "The Ainur", and how the most powerful of all the Ainur, Melkor, generally fell from grace and became Tolkien's equivalent of Satan.
The Story Goes on to Eventually tell of the Story of how Melkor Betrayed The king of the Noldor Elves, Finwe, and his children and Grandchildren, and Stole the greatest treasures, 3 heavenly gems called The Silmarils. Made by Finwe's first son Feanor. The Noldor persue Melkor back to Middle-Earth, And the majority of the book deals with the Struggle of Elves and Men against Melkor and his armies, and as Tolkien himself puts it....
"Hopeless Dispite great Heroism, against the greatest of Foes."
This book is so Incredibly amazing that it is Impossible to summarize, If you enjoy reading or history, I would Really recommend you buy This book.

A Balrog of Melkor Commands the assault of Gondolin, the last Stronghold of the Noldor Elves in Middle-Earth

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