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Why is it that Humans are always losers in Every Type of Fiction?
    Now, I read quite a bit, I know it makes me a pretty freakish teenager, but oh well! Being a big fan of Science Fiction and Fantasy, and being a longtime computer lover, I've noticed that in nearly everything, from Tolkien to Star Wars,  to Aliens to Starcraft, and from Wing Commander to Everquest, Humans, Terrans, Earthlings, whatever you want to call them...SUCK.
    Now, for some examples, in Tolkien, the Elves were immortal, healed from fatal wounds, were much stronger, didnt get "sick", had a higher sense of nobility (No elf ever once served "Satan") Had better voices, looked better, and were just overall more interesting, Now, for Humans now...only 3 "Houses" (Tribes, families and their followers, etc, for the uninformed)  were "good", The rest were seduced by Tolkien's "Satan", nice judgement of Human character if you ask me.
    For more Sci-Fi examples, look at Aliens, The Xenomorphs (Or, "Cool black aliens with big heads!")
Were the perfectly evolved predators, capable of almost instant adaptation to new environments, and anything else you can think of to make an alien really cool. And now their bitter foes, the humans. Humans are often described as "Adaptable!" and "full of ingenuity!" but for all our guns missles and kevlar armor, We can't kill those Darn Aliens?!!?!?! Even an entire squad of crack colonial marines couldn't back in "Aliens".  And Star one of the Star Wars novels (maybe it was a short story, i dont know)
One of those ancient, super advanced Aliens says to a Human, "The Empire is dominated by Humans because Humans have a mind capable of many thoughts, and full of creativity, a quality Many races envy"
What I failed to mention is that on the next page, some human gets the stuffing beat out of him by a Wookie (Think....Chewbacca!)   And to be quick now, In Starcraft, compare The terrans to Protoss and Zerg (ohhh! the Protoss have "Reavers" and the Zerg have "Guardians" but wait! here comes the Terran siege tank!) in Wing Commander, just look at the Kilrathi, 8 foot tall super-intelligent Lions who are good pilots. and Everquest, well, you could be one of the "rounded, jack-of-all-trades" humans, or a High Elf, what would you pick?
Well, If possible I never play as, or for, Humans, in games, the other races tend to intrigue me more (Who didn't like the Argonians in Daggerfall?!) Humans are always made the Average, all round decent people, or in Fantasy they always take a back seat to Dwarves and Elves (or Djinns, or Dryads, or Ents, or Orcs...etc) It seems things are Hopeless for our poor, backwards little Race...So remember Folks, in 700 years when you're Colonizing Some planet 87 light years away...DON'T be some resourceful grunt of the Terrans Marines, be a Member of the Humans Physic Attack legions, or go and build yourself a Lightsabre and learn the Force!!! but please! dont be a loser that some Elf or Predator could come and kill for no good reason.