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Welcome...To the Universe According to a Raving Lunatic! I'm Andrew, just...Andrew
and this the centre of my efforts to take over the Worrrrr....nevermind! The idea from this page came originally from the idea of a book I wanted to write! But I decided that a book would never happen, So I decided to do this instead! While the website is nothing like the book was (or, what the book will be!)  I really Hope you enjoy it!
As for me, My name is Andrew (I have no last name, as I am an experimental CIA artificial intelligence) I'm 14 and my systems are based in southwestern,Ontario, Canada, generally, all my interests are on this site so you don't need me to tell you! This page is ever-expanding, So check back every so often (I wont say "come back every day!" like all those other websites do!) please! I need the attention! :-) thanks for visiting
We Here at TUATARL don't like being group together with all those other personal webpages...because while some of them are great, most are terrible!...Think of us as the Next Generation in websites,  personal, and professional, ALL IN ONE! 

I told you this Site was Popular 

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 Some Gateways to the Outside World
 "The Universe According to a Raving Lunatic" is in absolutly NO way legally liscensed to me, Hell, I'm only 15 years old! you think I could afford a lawyer? BUT, c'mon, this day in age, Individuality and uniqueness is all I have left in life! (and it really doesnt get me much...) so please! give me a break and don't sue me for anything I've stolen! know, I've been known to go on insane rages every so often, and my nickname is "Kneecaps" keep that in mind!!!!
Some of the Images on this site i've taken from other pages, I'm not using them maliciously or to make profit, and gees, 3 or 4 people even look at this site! so please, give a kid a break. :-) Thanks