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Gateways to the Outside

Star Wars-Technical Commentaries -The Perfect place for really obsessive Star Wars fans, run by an Australian Physics student, This place is incredible! if you arent into Star Wars but like science or physics too. Alot of great reading, hundreds of pictures too.
The Valar Guild - A Gaming Guild based on knowledge and discussion of JRR Tolkien's mythologies
Jon and Tara's Site -A site run by two friends of mine,  say hi for me - The Centre of the Smashing Pumpkins Online community, a really great site that keeps up on the news! a must for fans
 Everquest -The Homepage of an Amazing new Online game, If you're into that type of thing this is another place to visit. - This is one of the big Everquest sites around, a great Community there to, check out the forums
 Holding on to Ectasy - Derek's Sarah Mclachlan Page, one of the best there is, with links to all the other great ones.
 Paradise Lost - An old, but epic poem, very very interesting and if you can get past the old english, enjoyable!
Spice Up Your Life -Two friends of mine run this Site, go over and say Hello here too.
 The Omega Files - This is really crazy stuff...REALLY crazy stuff....
 The Insane Clown Posse! - The Official Site of the ICP, check out the recent interview with Violent J!
and get the latest on the ICP in their movie and wrestling careers. ICP! ICP!

I have absolutly no permission from most of these sites to link to them, But do you really think they'd be THAT mad?....I hope not.