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Insane Rants
and Opinions of the World
By Andrew Dodd, with contributions from various insane friends
This page Contains various opinions, rantings, thoughts, and judgements of people, issues, and the world, and different peoples responses to me. If anything here offends you, well...I really don't care, This is my world and I'm the boss! and I'll pee on an electric fence before I concern myself with your petty life!
:-) enjoy!
If theres any Broken links here, its because I havnt posted the opinion yet, It'll be up soon though, remember, Send me your opinions of my ranting and raving!

What I think of Schools and the whole political correctness issue

My Controversial Vision of what the world should be like -Coming Soon! This is just such an amusing topic for me :-) I've really gotta think it out!

Why are Humans always Losers in Science Fiction and Fantasy? Something I often ask myself whenever I read or play games.     And check out this Reponse by the absolutly insane, yet always entertaining Ruiner

My View of Today's Teens

My little chat about  Crazy Men and Confusing Women Partially inspired by Iceman's rant on "annoying things women do" and responses to him, don't hurt me Iceman!!!

ANYONE is open to respond to this! So please, Email me at and give me any thoughts, thanks! more to come as the insanity burrows itself further into my mind!!!!

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