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Andrew Dodd
Your Benevolent Overlord and Emperor....
You Just Don't Know That Yet
Yup, thats me....the Hottest Guy on Earth..."Insert Sarcasm Here"
Like You've probably figured out, My name is Andrew Dodd, I'm 14 (almost 15!) and Male  (at least time I checked I was...)
This is just a little page about Me Me Me!!!  My Hobbies include Swimming, Rollerblading, Prentending I'm good at playing Guitar, and absorbing radiation from TV, I'm in grade 9 at Belle River High School near Windsor, Ontario, Canada (which isnt as much of a hellish place as i thought it would be) My big interests in life are, obviously, Sarah Mclachlan and the Smashing Pumpkins, among other things, I like Physics, and aim to go through High School following Physics and Chemistry, I love about anything written by Carl Sagan, And I'm also a lover of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Mythology.
Anyways, Thats just a little bit about Me. Feel free to Email me at