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The Silmarillion
Week One


1. Who was the High King of all the Elves in Valinor?
2. What mountains did the Valar raise at their coming to Valinor?
3. Where did the Valar live before their coming to Valinor?
4. Who was the last of the Valar to enter Arda?
5. When Melkor sued for peace and pardon at the end of the War of Wrath, what did Eonwe and his host do to him?
6. Where did Feanor burn the Teleri ships?
7. At what event did Fingolfin unfurl his banners and enter Middle Earth?
8. At what event did Men awake?
9. Where did Men awake?
10. Where did the Elves awake?
11. What two brothers were the kings of the Teleri?
12. Who was the wife of Feanor?
13. Why did Finarfin remain in Valinor?
14. What was the name of Feanor and Finwe's fortress in northern Aman?
15. What was the title that Lorien and Mandos had?
16. What were the true names of Lorien and Mandos?
17. What was the relation between Manwe and Melkor in Eru's thought?
18. What Vala did Sauron serve before being seduced by Melkor?
19. What other powerful Maia did Melkor nearly turn to his alliegence in the Shaping of Arda?
20. Which Maia walked among the Elves of Valinor, unseen?

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