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The Silmarillion
Part 2 Questions 
Enjoy the second part of the Quiz!

1. Who was the Father of Nerdanel?
2. What was Melkor's first act against Eru?
3.  Which Noldorin Prince married a Teleri?
4. Who was the first King of the Green Elves?
5. What was the name of the tower on Tol Sirion?
6. What did Sauron rename Tol Sirion?
7. Who was the only surviving Son of Feanor?
8. What did Hurin shout for Turgon to remember after his release?
9. What important figures did Gothmog kill?
10.  Who killed Gothmog?
11.Where did the Eagles of Manwe reside?
12. What were the Vanyar masters of?
13. What was Feanor's original name?
14. Who invented the first letters for Quenya?
15. What man is "the accursed"?
16. Where did Miriel go after her passing?
17. What were the Three Houses of Men?
18. What is the meaning of "Quendi"
19. How did Hurin die?
20. What was Tol Eressea first used for?

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