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The Silmarillion
Part 3 Questions

Enjoy the 3rd Part of the Quiz!
1. Who Withstood the fires of Glaurung long enough to drive him back?
2. What was the name of Orome's horse?
3. How many times did Fingolfin rise from Morgoth's feet?
4. Which house of Easterlings remained faithful?
5. Who killed Finrod?
6. What was Morgoth's last stand?
7. Which of Feanor's decendants were the first to die?
8. Which of Feanor's decendants was the last to die?
9. In which people did the House of Finwe survive?
10. Who raised Tuor?
11. Who scolded Eol as he chased Maeglin and Aredhel?
12. What do the Elves think about the origin of Orcs?
13. What is Eru's gift to Men?
14. Why are the Dwarves "stunted"?
15. What arguement did Aule and Yavanna have in foresight of the waking of the Children of Eru?
16. Who was Tilion a Maia of?
17. How did the Lieutenants of Morgoth draw out the Elves in the 4th battle?
18. What language was the "common tongue" of Beleriand?
19. Who was Sauron's own lieutenant of Tol-In-Ghaurhoth?
20. What is the "Taur Im Duinath" in English/Mannish?

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