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The First of Which I'm Sure will be many of Responses from an online friend named "Ruiner", I've known him for months and dont even know his real name, I think hes a computer program.

    Just take a look around you. humans are considered inferior in fantasy and science fiction books and movies for one simple reason. humans are weak by nature.

 For example, people can survive just fine in a city. but what if you pull that person out of their urban environment and put them in the middle of a very large forest (if you can find a spot where humans haven't torched the area for farming and the feeding of cattle (that is, sheep, steers, and humans...)) now, how long do you think the average person could survive in the wilderness? probably not very long. sure, i can just hear the whiny bullshit arguments right now--"well, we don't need to know how to survive in the wilderness. thats why we live in cities." ok, fine. then i hope you starve to death in the woods somewhere.  also, i think humans are considered inferior because its so much easier to make up a race that is superior to humans in every way, because humans have no really cool qualities. how can you compete with something that can chuck a slime ball of acid at you? or eat your soul? you can't. might as well not even try.

By the way, Ruiner is against using capitalization, so i've corrected afew things for him :-)

so speaks the lord, and so it is written