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I HATE school, The teachers are idiots, the kids are dumber than ever before, And I'm not allowed to wear my "Hello, my name is Satan" shirt because it may offend some Hindu whos walking around the place!
    Yesterday, in my MST (math, science, technology, ALL IN ONE!) We copied down a page long note on how to focus microscopes, I'm in grade 9 people...In english, the second day of school was spent explaining to half the class who Shakespeare was.  I know that school is supposed to be "a place to see your friends!" well, it is, and thats about it, we get 50 minutes at lunch and 30-40 minutes before 1st period.
    Another thing I think is absolutly stupid, at my school, we lose 2% from a class if we skip the class....My big arguement is that this is High School! its each kids social duty to skip a class now and then! but 2%!!!!! thats insane! And technically, thats kinda illegal too, thats like saying, "Ok Jim, you make 20000$ a year, and you earned it rightfully! but since i dont like your attitude i'm only giving you 18000$" If a child earns their 80% dispite missing 4 classes (and recieved 0 on the work, but STILL got his 80%) dont they deserve that?
    Anyways, I tend to think school is too intent on teaching us the "hard facts" and not things we actually need to know (gees, Do i really need to know the difference between 3rd person limited perspective, and 3rd person central, in books!?) Hopefully It'll improve by the time I'm in grade 12, but somehow I'm thinking that in one of my physics classes in the years to come we'll still be explaining the Theory of Relativity.
    And finally, the polical correctness in public schools. now normally I would kinda agree with the ban against screaming "Praise the lord" during morning announcements...but the thing that gets me, is that While I can't wear a shirt that even says God, Satan, Jesus, or even Abraham or Belial....Some guy can walk into class with a shirt of Vishnu, a 6 inch Ganeesha action figure, or shouting "Praise Allah!", I say, if calling someone gay or saying a certain band sucks, is tolerated, I should be able to say anything else i want to.
"Viva Stupidia!!!!"