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Today's Teenagers
What I think of Them
    The World sucks, lets just face it, Young kids are killing themselves, Old people are wishing they were dead, and everyone in between is just messed up. I'm sitting here Listening to the song "I Love You" by Sarah Mclachlan, and I remember the 20 people at school who went out and baught the album because they heard Building a Mystery on the radio, and now call themselves lifelong fans, owning Sarah's 2 albums!!!!  at least in their opinion, what they don't know is that Sarah has 4 albums, its just that her first 2 didn't have any huge singles.  a sea of faceless people, thats today's world, 1 person finds something they like, they 100 more people suddenly go and do the same thing. Faceless Drones, we're taught these days, to submit to conformity, our individuality is crushed. You never see a group of totally unique people walking around do you? see one person leading the group, and 6 people behind him wearing the exact same clothes.
    I kinda shudder to think the kinda world I'll be living in in 10 or 15 years, I know so many complete idiots and I know 3 or 4 people of respectable intelligence. For example...for english class each kid has to do a 15-20 "you control the class" lesson. I'm doing mine on JRR Tolkien, my teacher WILL NOT let me work alone, so i asked her "miss...Tell me one person i could work with" she asked 10 or so people, not one of them heard of JRR Tolkien..not one.
    Anyways, as I think of more stuff I dont like about Teenagers, I'll add on to this, So come back every couple days!