5 of the Nazgul, or Ringwraiths from The Lord of the Rings.
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   All that is Gold does not Glitter...
Not all those who Wander are lost...
The Old that is strong does not Wither...
Deep roots are not reached by the Frost...
From the ashes a fire shall be Woken...
A Light from the Shadows shall Spring...
Renewed shall be blade that was Broken...
The crownless again shall be King...
-The Riddle of Aragorn, From the Lord of the Rings.

J.R.R. Tolkien
Brilliant Author of the Best Books of All Time

JRR Tolkien Is the author known worldwide for writing the Epic histories of "Middle-Earth". A land that he
wanted us to think of as our world before recorded history began. Tolkien's 3 major books,"The Silmarillion". "The Hobbit"
And "The Lord of the Rings" are three of the most enjoyable, interesting, well thought out, and overall incredible
books that I've read and I truly beleive that JRR Tolkien wrote the best literature ever when he wrote these stories.
The Books of JRR Tolkien offer Us a new history for the World as we know it. Tolkien stated once that "All the major groups of Europe had elaborate and amazing myths and histories, but Britain had none" so Tolkien did what noone had done for Thousands of years, and created history from scratch. When He was injured in World War I and had to spend months in a recovery clinic, Tolkien began to scribble down short stories, it was these stories that Eventually became the Backstory of the Lord Of the Rings, and The Silmarillion itself.
Later in Life, when Tolkien had Children. He often told them bedtime stories, one of the stories began "There once was a hobbit who lived in a hole in the ground", and that was the beginning of The Hobbit, Tolkien first book, which was meant for children but ended up being read mainly by adults.  After the success of The Hobbit, publishers asked Tolkien to write a sequel, So he began working on The Lord of the Rings. It took many years to write, but it is truly an amazing book.  The first third of the the book (Called "The Fellowship of the Ring") is alot like The Hobbit, more childish and not very serious, But in the beginning of the second part (Called "The Two Towers") The book becomes much more mature. Until finally (In the 3rd part, "The Return of the King") The book really becomes an edge of your seat reader, I always found that I would read "just one more page".
The Story has an amazing Climax in which the 3 stories that are going on at once all converge into one amazing few pages.
During the last years of His life, Tolkien worked on converging all his backstories for the Hobbit and LOTR into one book.
Unfortunatly, before he could completely finish this, JRR Tolkien Died, leaving his Son, Christopher, to complete Editing the book that was later published as "The Silmarillion" two years after Tolkien's death.
Christopher Tolkien has in the past 10 years given us "The History of Middle Earth" series, including now 11 books I think, that really elaborate on all the stories and issues of The Silmarillion and The Lord of the Rings. and Also the book "Unfinished Tales".  Tolkien's histories are still alive and well, infact a new online game called "Middle Earth" is being released soon, and the fact that you're reading this just proves that fact that JRR Tolkien has given us one of the best Histories of all time.

The Silmarillion
The Story of time from the Music of the Ainur to the End of the First Age of Middle Earth
A book That I would compare to the Bible, and my personal favorite book, one that i'm constantly reading. An example of the scale of this book is the name of the first chapter, named "Of the Beginning of Days". and Even before this is a short story called
"Ainulindale", the story of the creation of the Universe by Eru "The one" and the Angelic beings called "The Ainur", and how the most powerful of all the Ainur, Melkor, generally fell from grace and became Tolkien's equivalent of Satan.
The Story Goes on to Eventually tell of the Story of how Melkor Betrayed The king of the Noldor Elves, Finwe, and his children and Grandchildren, and Stole the greatest treasures, 3 heavenly gems called The Silmarils. Made by Finwe's first son Feanor. The Noldor persue Melkor back to Middle-Earth, And the majority of the book deals with the Struggle of Elves and Men against Melkor and his armies, and as Tolkien himself puts it....
"Hopeless Dispite great Heroism, against the greatest of Foes."
This book is so Incredibly amazing that it is Impossible to summarize, If you enjoy reading or history, I would Really recommend you buy This book.
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The Lord of the Rings
The Tale of Events at the End of the Third Age that brought about the Fall of Sauron and the Return of the King

Fingolfin, the High King, Fights in Vain against Melkor the Dark Enemy

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